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We are go!!

We are go!!

If you’re reading this, you are most likely wondering what the hell this is, and what are you doing here.
Well let me explain.

To be literal ‘…as thieves’ is taking the positive from the phrase ‘Thick as Thieves’. A phrase often used to describe people who are blindly loyal and happy to make mistakes and work with people they love. Attributes that can always be used to describe those in creative industries. Artist, musicians, athletes and performers of any kind are thick as thieves. We work together for something other than money and profit, we work together for love and a good time. We respect each other, and use our output as a short hand to communicate with each other.

‘…as thieves’ seeks to build on, and celebrate those links and bonds that exist. The initial plan is to seek out artists that excite us, and commission them to create things that our idea inspires. We will then make that for you to enjoy. Some of the artist you may be familiar with or other projects they are connected to. It’s likely some of you will be coming across some of their work for the first time. So let this be your introduction to them, and check them out. Support them, and share their work.

Further still, we are putting out money where are mouth is, and each sale will produce a royalty for that artist. Meaning love for their designs, will go towards funding their work.

If this concept is enjoyed, and endorsed, then it will serve to support the artists even more, and result in prolific demand on their work. Which is great for everyone!

Some of you will be aware of the connection with Merch Stall, a merchandise manufacturing company, ran by me and Adam. ‘…as thieves’ is born out of that and desire to use the facility to be creative, and show of what we’re capable of. We will not be being cheap on these products. We’re using high quality T-shirts, and will be extending a huge attention to detail on the end presentation.

Keep an eye out on our instagram for evidence of this!

Hope you like what we’re about to do

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  1. Great to finally hear what you guys are all about! An exciting and inspiring prospect which should really get going with some artistic flair soon! Good luck!

  2. Can’t wait to start seeing the product of this venture.

  3. What a great idea. Ethical artistry certainly sums up Joe. Good luck!

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